We offer extensive business support for you and your rental/event business


Getting started

Business plan & financial support

Kata Tipis founder is also a chartered accountant (Ssshh! Don’t tell anyone). We, therefore, have a wealth of experience on all things business-related.
We can advise on the most tax-efficient way to set up and run your business, help to manage cash flow, and dealing with admin issues such as VAT registration.
We have built numerous return on investment models designed for your specific needs… whether it setting up a venue, or a standard Rental Business Profit and Loss.
We have standard business plans for you to utilise should you be looking to finance your investment or raise funds for your venture.

Planning & Infrastructure

We understand that navigating the myriad of planning policies & frameworks can be infuriating!  With local policies differing across the country, many customers give up rather than try and secure the relevant consents for a Tipi on their property.  We have helped many people on their journey, with advice on when or not a Tipi can be erected, for how long and under which circumstances. We can advise on the potential roadblocks in your way from noise, visual impact and more.  Where more detailed help is required, we have a network of experienced planning consultants experienced in Tipi projects who can help.

Launching a Tipi Rental or Venue Hire business

You may be thinking about a new venture renting Tipis for hire, an experienced rental business that wants to add Tipis to your portfolio, or a venue that would like to feature Tipis,  we can help.
We have a plethora of documents & forms available to you from contract templates to T&Cs,  to give you a kick start in your business.  We can help you understand the essentials to start your business with to how much you should charge and how to market your business in the new ‘social’ world. Alongside our trusted contacts providing bespoke asset finance & insurance, we also have the first-hand experience of starting a rental business & multiple venues.  Our knowledge is openly shared with our customers, your success is our success.

Installing & maintaining your tipi

Our in house team at Kata Tipis has an unparalleled level of experience in training/installing Tipis. With over 3000 Tipi Install experience within the team, we can help you get to grips with Tipis quickly & safely.  For rental businesses we can help you with the speed & efficiency of your operation, saving you time & money, ensuring you maximise your profit from the start.
Our team with also provide you with hints & tipis on not only how best to erect & link the Tipis with utmost safety, but also how to care for your product & equipment to give them the longest life span.
We offer training on your site or training at our Head Quarters. We can also provide refresher courses if and when you have a new team at the start of each season. We also have a unique training system, which is delivered via an interactive tablet device with instructional videos showing how to erect, dismantle & link your Tipis.
Promoting your business

Marketing asset

With any Kata Tipis purchase, we will provide you with a Media Pack, containing hundreds of interior & exterior photographs, videos and a floor planning tool (branded with your own company logo) to help you kick start your tipi venture from day one. We will also provide you with a 360 degree VR Tipi tour to embed within your own website, to give your customers an immersive experience of a tipi event.

On-going support and a helping hand

The team behind Kata Tipis has over 50 years’ experience in their respective fields.
At Kata Tipis we are looking to create long-term partnerships with our customers. When you buy from us you aren’t just buying a tipi, you are contributing to supporting local UK suppliers. These suppliers support numerous businesses and families across the UK.
We know, as our customers, you expect and demand quality.
We have ensured that the product we developed and supply is equal to those expectations.
The Kata promise is that we will be open and share our knowledge & insight, whether specific to Tipis or you need some advice on setting up your business.
Whatever your Tipi journey, we will support you along the way, no matter what.
That is our Support promise.

Our Support Promise

What else is included in the Kata Tipi's 'Support Promise' package?

24/7 Telephone support

We never close! We always have someone on standby to answer your questions for anything tipi or business-related.

Tablet tipi training

Comprehensive training of how to erect, dismantle and link your tipis in an interactive tablet. Take it to each job and refer back to the technical details of how to safely put up your tipi structures

On-site consultancy

One of the team will come and provide on-site training of how to safely construct your tipis and/or advise you on the viability of your tipi venue site and plans.

Trusted network

Utilise our contacts of accountants, planners, insurance and finance specialists. They understand your business, trust our products and can help ease the burden of running a successful business