All of our Tipis are created by expert craftsmanship

Handmade in the UK

Only the best materials

Our master craftsmen

Our skilled craftsmen belong to the ‘Guild of Master Craftsmen’. They have over 40 combined years of experience in their respective fields. We insist the materials which go into making our tipis are sourced locally from the UK and are of the highest quality. Each tree used to make our poles is selected as part of a sustainable forest management plan approved by the Forestry Commission; this has to meet the criteria set by FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) where all woodlands are replanted after felling.


Ethically sourced from UK forests. Every pole hand selected by our experts.


Our tipis are made from the latest fabrics with Inherently flame retardant technology.


Our tipis have been structurally tested in all their configurations to meet the British standard for temporary structures BS EN1782