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Frequently asked questions.

How many people do your Tipis hold?

The possibilities are limitless as our Tipi designs are modular… need more space? Simply add a tipi.

Our most popular Giant Hat Kata can hold 72 seated with the sides down, and two Giant Tipis linked together can easily fit 120 people seated. The Midi Hat Kata,  our more intimate Tipi, can hold 52 people seated, perfect for a small party or event.

What are the dimensions?

Our Giant Hat Kata is 10.3m in diameter. When the sides are fully raised the usable space extends to 12.7m in diameter.

Our Midi Hat Kata is 8.8m, with a 10m diameter with the sides fully raised.

Our Mini Hat Kata is 6.5m in diameter, with a canopy of 5.5m

Are the Tipis waterproof?

Yes, our Technical Canvas is a premium product sourced from one of the Global Leaders in Outdoor fabrics. It is highly waterproof, breathable & inherently fire retardant.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver, train and install worldwide. Our install & training team are Tipi experts with over 1500 installations to their name.

Where are your Tipis made?

Our Tipis and all accessories are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest possible standards. Our Tipis meet the BS EN 13782 standards for Tents and our structural calculations are completed to the relevant European standard.